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Now you can get your own channel on our network... No lines no waiting! No learning to be a Roku channel developer! We created our network for your show too!

The NEO Network has made getting your show on Roku, easy and painless, your show will be on our Roku channel in as little as a few days, not weeks or months! We have done all the leg work of developing a Roku Network for hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure video production teams from the Northeastern USA! New England Outback Network was created for the, novice to the professional video production teams!    

Do you film your own hunting and fishing shows and create DVD's, dream about getting your footage onto TV, and then found it way out of your financial reach to get on conventional TV channel networks? Ever dreamed of actually making money from all your video teams hard work? We can make that dream come true! 

We offer a low cost alternative with easy monthly payment plans on our New England Outback Network on Roku TV! We provide you with your own channel on the NEO Network on Roku!  You and your production team creates your own TV shows or episodes from your video or HD footage.  You can have as many advertisers and sponsors on your produced shows as you like. This allows your sponsors great advertising opportunities and your advertising sales team a money making opportunity, so start making profits from all your teams hard work and time!

Get Your Own Channel

That's right...you produce and edit your own footage, your own shows the way you want them, you add your sponsors into your shows during the editing process giving you the freedom you need to be creative. Our requirements are quite simple. Your completed footage needs to be uploaded to a Vimeo Pro account, these Pro accounts are currently $199 a year and allow for easy uploading and no additional bandwidth charges to you or us. This service is super fast for Roku streaming and also offers you other features like video page portfolios and embed links for your website.   

(Contact us about our current special pricing..get 50% off the below pricing..We are offering the next four(4) production film teams this rate, who join our network, this rate will remain available for up to a 5 years to each of the next four teams to join our network!)

The basic show package of $100.00 per month allows up to (12) episodes aired on your channel at any time. This helps keep your channel fresh with content. Once you have reached the 12 episode limit, when you upload a new show, you simply send us a email letting us know which show you would like to be replaced with a new episode after you upload it to Vimeo.com.  For example: You have the maximum of 12 episodes airing on your channel and you upload an additional show that puts you channel over the 12 episode limit, you send us an email requesting us to remove an older "episode of your choice".  We remove that show and move the new episode into your 12 limit line up. This keeps your channel fresh with new content and you can always rotate an older show back into your line up too! 

If you find that you would like to increase your episode limit on your channel, we can increase shows easily by adding to your monthly fee, example: 24 episodes $200 per month, 36 episodes $300 per month etc. 

Get started today with your own Roku channel on the NEO Network! Our representative will contact you with all information you need after your payment subscription is processed! Contact us using the contact us tab for more information at any time!

Join The New England Outback Network now and have your own channel on TV sets coast to coast fast!  

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